Advantages of the EB-5 visa program for investors from South Africa

EB-5 and South Africa: The Advantages of an EB-5 Investment

What are the EB-5 benefits for investors from South Africa?

The South African investor market is thriving and more active than ever and EB-5 interest in South Africa is on the rise. While the UK has been a popular destination for South Africans, the advantages of the EB-5 program are changing trends and enticing investors to immigrate to the United States. The benefits and timing of the EB-5 visa outweigh the other immigration options and U.S. Immigration Fund (USIF) explains why:

Fast-Track to Residency for South Africa

The EB-5 visa is one of the fastest routes to U.S. permanent residency. Wit the EB-5 program, investors from South Africa can access the freedom to live, work and study anywhere in the United States. Unlike Chinese EB-5 applicants who are subject to a visa waiting list due to high demand, there is currently no visa wait list for investors from South Africa. As always, U.S. Citizenship is completely optional –the investor and eligible family members may qualify to apply for U.S. Citizenship within five years after obtaining conditional residency.

Easier to Obtain for Investors from South Africa vs. Similar Programs in Other Countries 

The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have similar immigration programs for investors from South Africa, but come with significantly higher minimum investment requirements. The U.S. Department of State allocates 10,000 EB-5 visas per year for potential investors, while other countries allocate for fewer, such as Canada which only allot 570 investor visas per year. Here’s a breakdown of requirements investors from South Africa need to meet in order to participate in similar programs to EB-5.

EB-5 Advantages: Visa Comparison for Investors from South Africa

Inclusive of Eligible Family Members

EB-5 investors from South Africa can include applications for eligible family members which include their spouse, and any unmarried children under 21.There is no additional filing fee to include eligible family members in the principal applicant’s EB-5 petition, giving the eligible family members the opportunity to live out their American dream. The investor and eligible family members can move to the U.S. once their conditional Green Card (step before permanent residency) is approved, which remains valid for 2 years, and is extended indefinitely in 18 month increments after the I-829 petition is filed, until permanent residency is achieved.

Access to Education

American schools and universities are accessible to investors from South Africa and their eligible family members. Many American schools and universities offer discounted rates for U.S. residents, which the investor and eligible family members can take advantage of.

Endless Advantages

‌Secure further global mobility and travel to 186 countries through Visa Free/Visa on Arrival Travel on a U.S. Passport – compared to only 97 countries on a South African Passport. With some of the world’s best healthcare options in America, South African EB-5 investors have the ability to take advantage of the top hospitals and practitioners. With a multitude of work and investment opportunities in the the United States, and more Fortune 500 companies than any other country in the world – the opportunities are endless for investors and their eligible family members. Ultimately cultural harmony gives all immigrants the freedom to practice their beliefs and customs – and in one of the cleanest living conditions in the world.

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