Landmark Theatres project in New York City at VIA 57 West

March 31, 2017 PR Newswire

Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s Landmark Theatres is America’s largest theatre circuit dedicated to independent film, foreign language cinema, restored classics and documentaries. Since its founding in 1974, Landmark has grown to 56 theatres, 269 screens in 27 markets. Landmark is known for both its award-winning historic theatres, such as the Tivoli in St. Louis and its more contemporary theatres, including the flagship theatre, The Landmark in Los Angeles.

The new theaters will feature stadium seating, theatres ranging from 22 seats to 170 seats, a custom bar and concessions with bronze, etched brass and solid wood finishes. The theaters will also feature laser projectors, leather electric recliner seats, and acoustical murals from Germany.

“The entire space is currently below grade,” said Schimenti Construction Project Manager Ryan Kranich. “We will be utilizing high-density foam to build up the floor from as little as 2 feet to as high as 10 feet.”

As with all urban construction projects, there are unique challenges to this build out.

“The theatres are acoustically designed to eliminate all interior noise from escaping the auditoriums,” said Kranich. “To achieve this, the framing has been engineered to use specialty vibration isolators and the walls and ceilings will be lined with acoustical insulation and fabric.”

The Landmark Theatre at VIA 57 West is scheduled to open in the Summer of 2017.

Schimenti Construction, founded in 1994, has built a strong reputation in the retail construction industry and has developed a solid niche in urban construction. The firm specializes in developing retail shopping environments for some of the nation’s leading retailers and restaurants.

The firm builds retail shopping environments for some of the nation’s leading retailers and restaurants including REI, Sephora, Target, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Saks 5th, Gap, and Zara.

Schimenti Construction is headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut and maintains offices in New York City.

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