Harbourside for Harvey event raises about $8K


The suffering in the wake of Hurricane Harvey seems almost endless.

Some people in our area are doing what they can to ease that suffering.

They turned out for a disaster relief fundraiser Wednesday night at Harbourside Place in Jupiter.

We found some people at this fundraiser who have big plans this Labor Day weekend. They’re not taking it easy, relaxing.

They’re packing up and heading to Texas, to help as many hurricane victims there as they can.

“I feel bad for them ‘cause they’ve lost everything. They have nothing for themselves anymore,” said Cherise Brow of West Palm Beach.

Brow is a wife and mother of 8 kids. When she saw the disaster unfolding in Texas, she knew she had to do something.

She and 9 of her friends are taking pickups loaded with donated goods and a couple of boats and going to Houston, where she says people and animals are still waiting to be rescued from the floodwaters.

They will meet up with other volunteers and spend their Labor Day weekend helping those in need.

“This is America. We’re all together. If things were bad here, I’m sure somebody would come and help me,” said Vinnie Hetrick of West Palm Beach, who is also going on the trip with Brow.

Harbourside Place is doing its part, with a Harbourside for Harvey disaster relief fundraiser. Free musical entertainment, various raffle prizes and games.

Among those who stopped at the event Wednesday night were Tom and Yolanda Jones from Atlanta. They’re vacationing in Palm Beach, and they both grew up in Houston and still have relatives there.

“This is unprecedented. We’ve never seen this much water and this much pain,” Tom Jones said.

“They’re gonna have to lean on one another to help each other out. It’s gonna be tough but I think they’ll get through it,” Yolanda Jones said.

According to a Harbourside Place spokesman, they raised about $3000 to $4000 at the Harbourside for Harvey event Wednesday night.

Harbourside will match that, so the total from the fundraiser is expected to be about $8000 for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Those who were unable to attend the fundraiser Wednesday night can make a cash donation or drop off items such as bottled water, food, diapers and clothing at the Harbourside Place management office.


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