Mediterranean Restaurant Ousia Opens In VIA 57 West, Manhattan

Mediterranean Restaurant Ousia Opens In VIA 57 West, Manhattan














Greek Eatery from Family Behind Oceana, Molyvos Opening on W. 57th Street



HELL’S KITCHEN — A Greek and Mediterranean restaurant is moving into the base of the Durst Organization’s pyramidal West 57th Street building this fall.



Ousia restaurant is set to open at VIA 57, at 625 W. 57th St. between 11th and 12th avenues, in October, owner Nick Livanos said.

Nick Livanos 表示,Ousia餐厅将在10月开设于VIA57,西57街625号,11大道和12大道之间。


He and his family already run the upscale Greek restaurants Oceana and Molyvos in Midtown.

他和他的家人已在市中心经营着两家高档的希腊餐厅,Oceana 和 Molyvos餐厅。


“We were thrilled at the idea of the new neighborhood, and we’re very excited about this,” Livanos told Community Board 4’s business license and permits committee Monday.



The restaurant’s tentative menu includes dinner spreads like avocado sesame tahini dip, Tzatziki and roasted pepper feta cheese — with a three-for-$25 deal — small plates like spanakopita and Mitilini meatballs, and a range of Greek cheeses, according to a filing with the board.

根据提交到社会局的文件显示,初步设定的晚餐菜单包括牛油果配芝麻酱(avocado sesame tahini dip),Tzatziki和烤辣椒羊奶芝士(roasted pepper feta cheese)。25美金可供三人使用的菜单包括希腊菠菜派(spanakopita),米蒂利尼肉丸(Mitilini meatballs)和希腊芝士(Greek cheeses)。


The eatery may also offer appetizers including grilled octopus and Ouzo-flamed halloumi cheese, as well as “classics” like moussaka, grilled lamb souvlaki and stuffed Napa cabbage. Whole charcoal-grilled fish with lemon and olive oil at market price will also be featured.

开胃菜包括烤章鱼(grilled octopus)和哈罗米芝士(Ouzo-flamed halloumi cheese);以及经典菜品,例如肉末茄子饼(moussaka),烤羊肉串(grilled lamb souvlaki)和stuffed Napa cabbage;特色小吃炭烤全鱼配柠檬汁和橄榄油(Whole charcoal-grilled fish with lemon and olive oil)。


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The restaurant will serve beer, wine and liquor, pending approval from the State Liquor Authority.



“The idea is to be a neighborhood restaurant somewhere on the casual side, but [with] just the right amount of sophistication,” Livanos said.