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Condé Nast Traveler’s Review: Unveiling the Wonders of Area 15

January 3, 2024 / Hursh

Zoom out. What’s the big picture here? Area 15 is a massive entertainment zone just across I-15 from the Las Vegas Strip. When you enter the parking lot, it looks like a massive warehouse surrounded by large pieces of public art. Inside, it’s a wacky alternate universe (containing wacky additional alternate universes), circled overhead by a zipline. Entry is free to Area 15 before 10pm, though it’s best to reserve an entry pass online, and after 10pm, it turns into a 21+ zone. You’ll need to buy tickets to separate experiences, such as Wink World (a self-described psychedelic art house created by a Blue Man Group founder); Omega Mart (a strange supermarket through whose beverage cooler portal you enter into a mystery world); and Museum Fiasco (an art exhibit space that upends your idea of, well, art and space). Area 15 attracts locals and visitors, and since it opened in late 2020, has become one of the biggest curiosities in the city.

Area 15

Rendering of Area 15

Tell us about your fellow tourees. Area 15 attracts a varied crowd: D&D-loving teens who love an alt universe and want to solve a mystery; art lovers who have been hearing about the Klimt and Van Gogh immersive experiences from their friends in other cities; wellness junkies who will travel for a session with local yoga deity Dray; and people who just want a new environment to drink in. Every space in Area 15 is wheelchair-accessible. But those who have issues with strobe lights, fog, high-intensity sound, and claustrophobia (in some areas, such as art exhibits in which you’re closed into a room for a period of time) may not love all the experiences here.

How are the guides? Area 15 is largely self-guided, although separate attractions do have guides to shuttle you into the right areas. They move you right along and seem well-equipped to deal with any sensory freak-outs you might have.

Anything you’ll be remembering weeks or months or years from now? The main experience here is Omega Mart, the supermarket by Meow Wolf, which creates large immersive art installations and produces music festivals. You’ll enter what appears to be a supermarket (normal!) which is stocked with items like “emergency clams” and “corn PM” (not normal!). You’ll open the door of a beverage cooler and pass through into a warped Narnia situation where you have to solve a mystery (you can opt out and wander if you like). This is a great rainy day activity, because it will keep your teens occupied for a good long time. We saw plenty of adults getting into it, as well.

So: money, time—how can we make the most of both? The Strip, though fabulous and exciting for many visitors, has reached a level of homogeneity. Retail? Check. Fabulous restaurants? Check. Nightlife? Check. This is best for people who have seen all the sights of the Strip and are looking for an even wackier alternative to real life. We could see it as a new date spot, where you see art together and then fly around on a zip-line; a family activity where you all pull together to solve a mystery; or simply a place for the curious to come and gawk.

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