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Developer Relationships

One of the core principles contributing to U.S. Immigration Fund’s success has been its ability to establish relationships with some of the largest developers in the world. These developers are responsible for shaping the skyline of New York City, Miami, New Jersey, Los Angeles and more. Some developers we’ve worked with include The Durst Organization, Witkoff Group, HFZ Capital Group, and Maefield Development Corporation. Investing with proven companies that have long-standing track records of success on projects of similar scale and complexity provides great confidence to our investors from around the world.

What Our Partners Say About Working With Us

Developers We’ve Worked With

Are You a Developer Looking to Work with U.S. Immigration Fund?

Our investment process is disciplined and thorough; we only select businesses and partners that we determine to have outstanding track records. The process starts with us getting to know about your business, the principal owners, your track record and the purposes for which you will use the EB-5 loan proceeds. We will want to understand your capital structure and other critical financial information (e.g., pro forma business plans and proposed use of the EB-5 financing proceeds) for the project in which the EB-5 proceeds will be used. Once we have the required financial and other information, we will make a determination as to the fitness of your project as a viable project under the EB-5 Program.