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TSX Broadway

EB-5 Project in New York, NY

TSX Broadway

New York, NY

TSX Broadway, also known as 1568 Broadway , is extremely rare in that it is at the heart of what is the most populated and most desired public space in North America. The project will showcase features that are unmatched by any other location within Times Square giving it an opportunity to capitalize on an audience that has been largely untapped.

From the ground up, 1568 Broadway will reinvent the Broadway Times Square experience. It will feature 4,350 square meters of flagship retail for a global headquarters store, state-of-the-art never seen before signage that will encompass a stage that opens and presides over Times Square engaging the hundreds of millions of visitors. Within the base of this skyline altering tower is Broadway’s most renowned theater– the historic, Palace Theater. Part of the reinvention of the Palace Theater is the creation of Broadway’s one and only backstage experience, Broadway Live.

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