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Construction Update at Harbourside Place

July 30, 2011 / usifredo

July 30, 2011

Cranes and Excavator units now dot the skyline on the corner of US1 and Indiantown Road, where progress continues at the Harbourside Place project.  There has been further advancement in building the new sea wall, as discussed in the previous post, as well as removal of the shaky and outdated existing dock. Progress is moving along smoothly and we are excited to finally see this project coming to fruition. Photos and descriptions are attached below to show just some of the progress. The State of Florida has the installation of a new roadway and bridges on US1, simultaneously taking place alongside the project as well.  These new roadways will bring a fresh new look, while updating the infrastructure in the area as well.  This new infrastructure will also help to handle the higher amounts of traffic in the area upon completion of the project.  Click the following link for more information on the Harbourside Place project.  For information regarding investing in Harbourside, please see our EB-5 website.

Harbourside West/Southwest View

Harbourside Place West/Southwest View

Seawall Panels waiting to be installed

Remnants of the existing dock

Looking north at the project


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