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EB-5 Viable Option to Improve Unemployment Rates

January 12, 2012 / usifredo

January 12, 2012

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a decrease this month in unemployment to 8.5%, the economy has been in a forward trending direction since September.  A large part of this is due to the market slowly regaining confidence and demand for the labor force growing as a result.  However, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the U.S. unemployment rate is to remain above 8% through 2012, as the economy continues to take steps toward improvement.  With this being said, one cannot overlook the influence the EB-5 Program has had over the unemployment rates over the past year and can have in the future.

The EB-5 program allows foreigners to invest in United States, USCIS Approved, projects that stimulate the U.S. economy. EB-5 participants will make an investment of $500,000 to $1,000,000 USD into a U.S. project that will create at least 10 jobs for U.S. citizens from the said investment. In return, the investor will receive a return on their investment, as well as a conditional United States Green Card. This can be obtained for the investor, their spouse, and any unmarried children up to 21 years of age.

The EB-5 Program has issued 3,706 visas through September 12, 2011, well over 3.5 times as many issued for all of 2007, according to the USCIS.   If each of the said visas create 10 American jobs, the EB-5 Program will be looking to add at least 37,000 jobs within the next two years.  Likely add another 10,000+ jobs to this figure to include the remainder of  2011 to the totals.

The Wall Street Journal further reported that the U.S. economy will not return to pre-recession unemployment figures, below 6%, until after 2015.With these types of figures forecasted, it proves that the EB-5 Program is a vital piece to continuing to create jobs and fund projects at little to no cost to the American citizens.

For more information on the EB-5 Program, please visit www.flregionalcenter.com.美国劳动数据局报告这个月的失业率降至8.5%,自9月份以来经济一直向前发展。很大一部分都归功于慢慢恢复的市场信息以及由此带来的劳动力需求增加。但是,华尔街期刊近期报告称由于经济仍在改善阶段,美国的失业率在2012年都将保持在8%以上。说到此,我们不能够忽视EB-5方案在过去和将来对美国失业率的影响。



华尔街期刊 进一步报告称美国经济到2015年以后从前期的经济衰退所造成的失业率数据才能达到低于6%。这类数据的预测表明EB-5方案对于持续创造就业岗位和为项目融资使美国公民极少或无代价是至关重要的。

请访问我们网址 www.flregionalcenter.com 获得EB-5方案的更多信息。

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