fbpx EB-5: Path to U.S. Residency Post-H-1B Lottery Disappointment

Navigating U.S. Immigration: The EB-5 Visa as a Viable Alternative After H-1B Lottery Disappointment

April 26, 2024 / Hursh

For many H-1B and F-1 visa holders aspiring to secure long-term residency and career opportunities in the United States, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program offers a promising alternative. This pathway not only circumvents the uncertainties of visa lotteries and the limitations of student visas but also paves the way for permanent residency through investment. 

The EB-5 Visa: A Strategic Investment Toward Permanent Residency 

The EB-5 visa program is uniquely designed to stimulate economic growth through foreign investment, providing a path to permanent residency for investors who contribute to U.S. job creation. Here’s why it stands out as a viable option for those facing challenges with H-1B or F-1 visas: 

Direct Path to Green Card 

Unlike the H-1B visa, which is temporary and subject to annual caps and lotteries, the EB-5 visa leads directly to a Green Card. This eliminates the dependency on employer sponsorship and provides more control over one’s immigration and residency status. 

Investment Requirements 

To qualify for the EB-5 visa, applicants must invest $800,000 in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or $1,050,000 in non-TEA projects that meet specific job creation criteria. This investment must lead to the creation of at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers. 

Benefits Beyond Investment 

  • Educational and Career Opportunities: EB-5 investors and their families gain access to the same benefits as other Green Card holders. This includes access to education, including in-state tuition rates, significantly reducing educational costs for families, employment, and the ability to live and work anywhere in the U.S. without restrictions, providing significant advantages over the more restrictive H-1B or F-1 student status. 
  • Permanent Residency: Upon successful fulfilment of the EB-5 program requirements, investors and their immediate family members can secure permanent resident status, which is a significant step towards U.S. citizenship, if desired. 
  • No Sponsorship Required: The EB-5 visa does not require employer sponsorship. This is particularly advantageous for H-1B holders who wish to start their own businesses in the U.S. or do not want to be tied to one employer. 
  • Prevention of Aging Out for Children: EB-5 visa prevents children from ‘aging out’ (turning 21 and losing dependent visa status), which is a significant concern for many H-1B families. 

Process Simplification Through Concurrent Filing 

For individuals already in the U.S. on an F-1 or H-1B visa, the EB-5 program offers an option to file for an Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) concurrently with the EB-5 Immigrant Petition (Form I-526). This concurrent filing can significantly speed up the process of obtaining a Green Card. 

Employment and Travel Authorization: While the EB-5 petition is pending, applicants can apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Advance Parole (travel document), allowing them to work and travel internationally without jeopardizing their status. 

Process of Converting from an F-1 to an EB-5 

Infographic detailing the EB-5 visa application process, from initial investment through obtaining permanent U.S. residency.

Process of converting from an F-1 / H-1B visa to an EB-5 visa for a U.S Permanent Greencard

Conclusion: A Reliable Alternative 

For those not selected in the H-1B lottery or those on F-1 visas seeking more permanent solutions, the EB-5 visa offers a substantial yet effective investment pathway to U.S. residency. This program not only facilitates a more stable and secure future in the U.S. but also contributes to its economic prosperity by creating jobs and fostering business growth. For many, the EB-5 visa is not just an investment in the U.S. economy, but an investment in their future. 

For detailed guidance and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, potential investors are advised to consult with experienced immigration attorneys and accredited EB-5 Regional Centers like U.S Immigration Fund. This strategic move could be the key to realizing your American dream, offering a reliable route to residency and beyond. 


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