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Harbourside Place Construction Update – December 2011

December 14, 2011 / usifredo

December 14, 2011

After the completion of phase one of construction, the site at Harbourside Place has since been the scene of much activity over the past several weeks.  After gaining the necessary permits from local/state/federal government organizations, Moss Construction started to install the drainage pipes and the utilities for the property.  Check out the photos below for in-depth descriptions of the construction below.

Crews have dug the trenches for the installation of the power and irrigation pipes for the Riverwalk.

The crews have installed the irrigation pipes to water the trees and planter boxes that will be located on the Riverwalk.

Crews have installed the power conduit lines necessary to power the walkway lights along the Harbourside Place Riverwalk Extension

Installation of the Riverwalk concrete drainage pipelines necessary to meet U.S. building codes has begun.

Construction crews at Riverwalk surveying the trench and pipelines locations.

The entire length of Riverwalk has been trenched, with certified electricians making neccessary electrical connections to the new walkway light junction boxes along the way.

The first slab of concrete for the Riverwalk has been poured to test for the final color and texture of the walkway.

The first railing for the Riverwalk has arrived to test for color matching along side the test concrete slab.

Crews meet for their required daily safety meeting to ensure a safe and accident free jobsite.


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