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Manhattan’s Luxury Apartment Market Flourishing

March 22, 2013 / usifredo

Manhattan’s luxury market continues to gain heat, as new buildings asking $6,742 a foot are selling at sky high prices well before completion. The demand for luxury apartments in New York City ensures success for EB-5 investors whose funds are going to US Immigration Fund projects The Charles and Bryant Park.

Comparable properties to the Charles and Bryant Park include 432 Park, with a total asking price for its 126 units of 2.7 billion, according to a filing with the New York attorney general. This price reflects a 13% increase over July 2012. Just a few blocks to the west is a likeminded high-rise, known as One57. Also in Midtown, a group of investors just purchased the building for $1.1 billion and are planning on turning the development into condos. A collection of 61 luxury apartments known as the opulent Baccarat Hotel and Residences is being developed by New York-based TriBeCa Associates and is under construction in Midtown as well.

Big ticket supply is dwindling, and demand for high-end units is skyrocketing. At a downtown Manhattan luxury project called 56 Leonard, $450 million in contracts were signed in the first few weeks of development, including over half the 145 apartments, according to Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group.

Because condo developers in New York often begin marketing units years before completion, buyers are able to put contracts down and reserve their property, paying off the balance when the apartment is completed. The developers of the previously mentioned 432 Park were allowed to begin selling units in July 2012. Since then, unit prices have increased three times over.

US Immigration Fund looks forward to equal if not higher rates of success with the development of The Charles and Bryant Park. Both projects already show a high aptitude for performance, as they have been backed by some of New York’s best development companies and the country’s best banks. 纽约曼哈顿豪华公寓市场持续走热。目前期房的每平方英尺价格飙到了6742美 元。纽约对豪华公寓的强劲需求确保了间接确保了选择美国移民基金公司查尔斯平 层别墅项目以及布莱恩公园项目的EB-5投资人所投项目顺利进展并获成功。

与查尔斯平层别墅以及布莱恩公园项目类似的地产项目有432公园。根据纽约州司 法部长的公布材料显示,432公园该项目目前126套公寓总价可达27亿美元。同比 2012年七月,价格上涨了13%。该项目向西几个街区就是著名的One57大厦。在 曼哈顿中城区,组团的投资客就大笔买下了11亿美金的房产,且现在正谋划将其 开发为公寓住宅。纽约本土地产集团TriBeCa Associates 正开发豪华的巴卡拉特 酒店和公寓项目,总共含61套超豪华奢侈公寓。目前都在紧张施工中。

市场供应正逐步减少,但需求却不段急速攀升。根据Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group机构的报告显示,曼哈顿下城区的56Leonard奢侈公寓项目在开 发的第一周就以4.5亿美金成交,其中包括145套公寓。

纽约公寓一般都是在项目施工阶段就开始出售。购房者也是在项目施工阶段就签完 买卖合同并认购房产,在竣工时完成支付并交付。432公园项目开发商在2012年七 月份就开始项目销售。从那时候起至今,单价已经涨了三倍。

美国移民基金推出的查尔斯平层别墅项目和布莱恩公园项目即使价格不会比上述 432公园项目更好,那也预期能获得同等回报。凭借纽约优质开发商以及最好银行 的支持,这两个项目已经逐步显示出其高性能和强大增值空间。

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