Radnor Designs a two-bedroom Model Unit at U.S. Immigration Project, The Bryant

April 22, 2019 / Nadia

The Bryant, a design masterpiece by David Chipperfield recently elevated it’s already comprehensive composition by inviting Radnor to design a two-bedroom model unit. Starting with The Bryant’s already impeccable canvas, the team at Radnor implemented original designs from Radnor Made Works and partnered with Farrah Sit, Julianne Ahn and Oyyo Studio. The collaborative effort resulted in a strikingly opulent and inviting home complete with views of Bryant Park, the New York Library and the midtown skyline.

Currently, The Bryant has five available units for sale, including a one-bedroom for $2.5 million to a three-bedroom penthouse for $16.3 million. Closings average $2,516 per square foot.

A version of this article was originally published on CityRealty.

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