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Despite Backlogs, Popularity Grows—Why The EB-5 Visa Is Still Coveted

June 28, 2018 / USIFintern1

May 17, 2018


What is it about the EB-5 visa that makes it still so highly coveted? There are other visa categories, but none truly compare.

According to the National Visa Center, they received 25% more visa petitions in 2017/2018 than in 2016/2017. Demand for the EB-5 visa continues to grow in countries other than Mainland China, such as Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Taiwan.

Due to the popularity of the EB-5 visa Mainland China has had a retrogression for a few years now, Vietnam is seeing a retrogression this year, and South Korea, India and Taiwan may see a retrogression beginning in 2019.


What is it about the EB-5 visa that is attracting investors and their families from countries all over the world, even if they have to wait a little bit longer to receive their visa?

1. World-class schools for EB-5 investor’s children, at potentially reduced costs for in-state residents
2. The opportunity to escape their home country’s political turmoil at any time
3. Living and working anywhere in the U.S. and gaining the American Dream (some U.S. states have no income tax)
4. Easier ability to travel between certain countries
5. Access to more business investment opportunities
6. No reliance on employer sponsors for visas
7. The ability to obtain green cards for their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years
8. Potential eligibility for U.S. citizenship for themselves, their spouse and children after 5 years
9. The EB-5 visa does not have any age, language, work experience, skills or education requirements
10. Program flexibility allows investors to actively manage their EB-5 projects or take on a passive policy making role depending on their preference
11. Funds for the EB-5 Program can come from a variety of sources including gifts, loans, sale of property, business income and more
12. While other visa programs are developing a stigma for taking jobs away from U.S. workers, the EB-5 Program creates jobs for U.S. workers and boosts the economy



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