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Fourth Quarter Results Show 2012 as Growing Year for NYC Real Estate

January 21, 2013 / usifredo

The New York real estate market demonstrated quality improvement over the fourth quarter of 2012, and looks forward to a growing and prospering year in 2013, according to recent reports from Halstead. The fourth quarter showed 40% more closings and an increase in luxury, high end sales.

Over 12,000 apartments sold in Manhattan in 2012, approximately 3.5% more than 2011. Gregory Heym, Halstead’s Chief Economist, stated that his quarterly report showed the average price of apartments in the heart of New York City rose by 7%, compared to the same time one year ago. In addition to being nearly 8% higher than the previous quarter, this figure which is approximately $1.487 million, is the highest it has been of all of 2012. The median price of $836,000 also represents a 6% increase from the year prior.

Heym states there were approximately 2300 closings in the final quarter of 2012, 40% more than last year. The surge in closings was mostly caused by the uncertainty of tax laws and related issues that were holding up Congress during the latter part of 2012.

In comparison with 2011, high-end apartment sales over $5M increased 33%. An increase of 44% took place in the ultra luxury market for apartments over $10 million. And the average price of a co-op increased by 16% during the last quarter to reach $1.285M.

Low mortgage rates, a decrease in unemployment and a growing confidence in the market led to the boom in the housing market. With this in mind, 2013 is expected to be a competitive market due to its low inventory, yet still growing and improving.

For those US Immigration Fund clients who are investing in New York City projects such as The Charles or the multi-use development at Bryant Park, investing in a home or apartment will prove profitable. As the market continues to grow and inventory continues to shrink, prices will rise.根据Halstead的最新报告显示,2012年第四季度纽约地产市场收益巨大。2013年将保持强劲持续增长,市场繁荣前景看好。数据显示,第四季度纽约奢华、高端地产销售良好,成交量超过40% ,增幅迅猛。

2012年纽约曼哈顿售出了超过12000套住宅,同比2011年增长了3.5%。 Halstead的首席经济师Gregory Heym的季度报告显示,同比一年以前,纽约核心区域的住宅均价上涨了7%。 比第三季度上涨8%,达到2012年的最高值。每套公寓均价为1487000美元。房价中值达到836000美元,较之上半年增长了6个百分点

Heym数据显示,2012 年第四季度住宅成交量约为2300套,同比去年超过40%。主要原因是因为目前税收法律的不确定性以及2012年下半年国会对这相关问题的不同看法。

同比2011年,2012年高端公寓住宅销售均为五百万美金以上,增长了33%。 超奢华公寓方面同比增长44%,均价在一千万美金以上。合作公寓(co-op)同比增长16%,达到1285000美金每套。



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