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Immigration Reform Bill Reaches House, Expected to Pass

July 24, 2013 / usifredo

As the Immigration Reform bill reaches the House of Representatives many speculate Speaker of House to allow vote.

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As the Senate voted and approved the latest Gang of Eight Immigration Reform bill, the House of Representatives has begun its debate on the subject. The bill needs 218 votes to pass, which would then send it to the President’s desk for final approval and signature. Democratic leaders are confident they can convince their party’s membership of 201 to vote in favor of the reform, leaving a need for only 17 more votes from the Republican side of the group to succeed.

While House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has repeatedly insisted he will only allow the House to vote on an immigration reform plan if a majority of Republicans support it, it is not likely he will be able to stand under the pressure of a clear majority support.

Former GOP leadership aides say it is almost impossible to guarantee a majority of Republican support for the bill, as it would require 120 yesses. But, according to statistics, some 50-80 Republicans are expected to vote in favor of the bill, meaning an overwhelming majority of the House will be in favor of reform. With this knowledge, Boehner will have no choice other than to (in his own words), “let the House work its will.” This pressure will hopefully ensure immigration reform passes, giving long-term immigrants a pathway to citizenship, and including changes to legal immigration and enforcement policies.

US Immigration Fund will continue to post updates to the progression of the debate.


众议院议长John Boehner(俄亥俄州)一再表示只有多数共和党人支持赞成,他才会允许众议院来就此议案投票表决。但如大部分人都赞成的话,他不可能反对。



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