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U.S. Immigration Bill Could Lead to Foreign-Born Population Boom

August 15, 2013 / usifredo

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), S.744, also known as the Gang of Eight Bill, would increase legal immigration into the United States, thus increasing the foreign-born share of the US population to 15% by 2020. This new statistic surpasses the 1890 high of 14.8%. Furthermore, officials predict the foreign-born population will reach 17% of the population (or 65.2 million) in 20 years, by 2033.

More CBO findings include:

These findings elongate the discussion on the impact of the bill, giving numbers to the debate on its impact on the job market, absorption capacity upon America’s roads, bridges, schools and power grid. Other questions include the increase’s ability to change the aging of American society. Furthermore, as the U.S. population grows to include more non-U.S. born residents, its culture will continue to change, amalgamating to the incoming ideas, ideals, customs and expectations of others and becoming more of the Melting Pot it is known to be.



这些调查结果会在议案辩论期间综合考虑,对未来就业市场、美国道路、桥梁、学校和电网等的基础设施等都将产生影响。其他如改变美国社会的老龄化问题也都将在考虑范围。 此外,随着美国人口将吸纳越来越多的非美国出生居民,美国文化也将继续改变、融合传入的不同观点、思想、习俗及预期,越来越典型体现其“大熔炉”特色。

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