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Temporary Suspension of Immigration to the United States: Executive Order Signed by President

April 24, 2020 / Nadia

Washington, D.C. April 24:  President Trump signed an Executive Order (the “Proclamation”) on Thursday which temporarily suspends immigration to the United states effective for 60 days.

The president confirmed that this decision is part of his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The executive order is effective Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 11:59 ET. While the order broadly restricts immigration there are exemptions for certain types immigration, including EB-5. Specifically, the executive order provides an exemption for: “any alien applying for a visa to enter the United States pursuant to the EB-5 immigration investor Program”.

The executive order provides guidance as to the individuals impacted by these restrictions:

However, as mentioned above, there are exemptions to these restrictions.

Within the executive order, in addition to individuals pursuing an EB-5 Visa, the following are also exempt:
Click here to read the executive order in its entirety. 

U.S. Consular Officers have complete discretion to determine whether an individual qualifies for one of the exemptions listed above.

The order expires 60-days from its effective date and can be continued or modified as necessary. 10 days prior to the expiration date, the Secretary of DHS will consult with the Secretaries of State and Labor and make recommendations to the president regarding continuations or modifications to the proclamation.

We will continue to report on updates to this proclamation as it impacts EB-5 and details on any other future EB-5 Program changes as information is announced

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